New Patient Examination£55
X-Ray£5 per x-ray
Emergency Appointment£75
Implant ConsultationFree (Usually £55)
Cosmetic ConsultationFree (Usually £55)

Dental Hygiene 
Hygienist Visit£90 per session
Periodontal 'gum' treatment£100 per session

Tooth Whitening 
Tooth Whitening (In surgery)From £550
Tooth Whitening (Home kit)From £250

AmalgamFrom £60
Composite (White Filling)From £95

Composite InlayFrom £350
Ceramic InlayFrom £450
Gold InlayFrom £500

Crown - Non Precious Metal (per unit)From £350
Crown - Precious MetalFrom £450
Crown - Gold (60%)From £500
Crown - All CeramicFrom £600
Temporary CrownFrom £100
Cast Post CoresFrom £110
Core £50
BridgeFrom £350 per unit
VeneersFrom £450 per unit

Root Canal Treatment 
Incirsor/Canine (1-3)From £350
Premolar (4-5)From £450
Molar (6-8)From £550

SimpleFrom £90
ComplexFrom £150
Wisdom ToothFrom £200

Night GuardFrom £300
Sports GuardFrom £300

Partial Denture (Acrylic)Price on application
Partial Denture (Metal)Price on application
Flexi DenturesPrice on application
Complete DenturesPrice on application
Denture Additions (Per tooth)From £85
Denture Lining (Lab made)From £250

Implant Guide 
Dental ImplantsFrom £1,500
Implant Retained CrownFrom £500 per unit

Facial Rejuvenation 
ConsultationFree (Usually £55)
Botulinum Toxin - One area£170
Botulinum Toxin - Two areas£240
Botulinum Toxin - Three/Four areas£380
Dermal Fillers (Nasiolabial folds, Marionettes & Frown lines - First Syringe)£250 (15% off each additional syringe)
Lip Enhancement £250-£350

N.B – These prices listed may be subject to change depending on the case. Please ask a member of our dental team for more details.